Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Do It!

I am hoping that blogging will help me to overcome my artistic "block". Blogging does not come easy to me, I have never really expressed myself in words, always pictures. The other problem is that I tend to overuse exclamation marks and commas!

So what I plan to do is try to post some kind of art daily, it doesn't have to be anything finished or grand just something!

I have had a "block" for many, many years now, and just recently I found a wonderful teacher who is helping me to overcome my artistic fears and most importantly I am learning the proper techniques of oil, acrylic, watercolor and other media.

I have been creating art all my life but at some point I lost the creative drive, even though things inspired me I just didn't follow through and create, but that is all going to change!


  1. This is wonderful Patrice. Good for you for making the commitment to nurture your creative spirit. This bunny portrait is delightful and the WIP very informative. Keep sharing.

  2. Thank you so much! I love your artwork as well! It seems we have a lot of the same things in common, movies, books, etc.. :-D

    Your words of encouragement are also appreciated and help to give me that kick in the "creative butt"!


  3. I still have the two horses in red. It is hung in my bedroom.

    I walked away from music to raise a family. The kids are grown shes gone so I put together a small recording studio.