Saturday, April 30, 2011

Almost finished!

This is a portrait of another one of our three bunnies. Bammer is a beautiful, shiny, pure black little guy. I have decided to paint him as "The Black Prince" hence the similar coat of arms to the Black Prince of England, similar but very different!

The other difference being the Black Prince of England had black armor, where as Bammer's armor is the normal steel color.

Whats with the apple? There is an apple in the portrait of Misha also, and there will be one in their other brother Tancill's portrait. The apple represents the sweetness of the life they now have, we rescued the three of them when they were barely four weeks old from under the cement step of an office building in a business park. They are the descendants of feral bunnies that were "dumped" after their owners grew tired of them. This is a subject that I could rant on and on about but I will stop here.

I still have a little more to do on the painting before I frame it and move on to Tancill's painting, he is going to be portrayed as an 18th century English Naval Captain or Admiral.

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